Monday, 27 June 2011

Mexico win gold cup (and Hernandez doesn’t score!)

Mexico secured the Gold Cup this weekend with a victory over the USA, it was not quite as easy as the 4-0 victory the Mexicans achieved last time these two played. The Americans where 2-0 up within 22 minutes but Mexico turned the tide and scored 4 goals in reply, none of which, unbelievably, where scored by Javier Hernandez.

A fantastic goal was scored however by Spurs forgotten man Gio Dos Santos, controlling the ball in a packed area of defenders drawing out Tim Howard and chipping the ball over Eric Lichaj’s despairing header. Check out the goal here, top marks son!

Bet Harry’s rubbing his hands together at the thought bit of extra cash onto Santos’ value and would you believe it there’s been plenty of talk of Seville wanting to end Santos Spurs nightmare already today. Harry wants 6.5 Million I reckon he will be lucky to get over 5 even after this wonder goal. Back to the game though and Mexico deserve all the credit they get especially after losing a good number (5 to be precise) of their squad to the tainted meat/drug scandal. 
Many of commented on how the USA are a shell of the team they where a couple of years ago but they still have some quality players in there so well done Mexico!

Viva Big Baz 

Friday, 24 June 2011


63-year-old great grandmother and big Leeds Utd fan Margaret Musgrove (good taste Margaret) received a year ban from her beloved Elland Road this week after being found guilty of participating in a pitch invasion on the final day of last season. 

As Leeds completed their lap of Honour in their last home game of the season against Burnley, Margaret joined a few hundred fellow Leeds fans by going onto the pitch to greet the players, the celebratory mood soon turned sour though when she was taken from the pitch by the Elland road security team and swiftly escorted from the ground. Margaret has now received her 12 month ban and had her season ticket taken away from her (a season ticket she is still paying off)

A video of Margaret’s ‘pitch invasion’ can be seen here (thanks to the Yorkshire Evening Post)

Now i know it can’t be one rule for someone and a different one for everyone else but am i the only one who feels this is a bit excessive, once on the pitch all she wanted to do was to greet the players, there was no danger of this 63 year old grandma inciting a riot or ripping down the goal posts. There were many other people on the pitch that day who will of got away scot free so it seems very cruel to give her a 12 month ban, Big Baz says a slap on the wrist would of sufficed, hopefully Margaret can appeal and get this daft ban overturned

Have a good weekend readers

Big Baz